Our Dental Treatment Philosophy

We are a family focused dental practice that provides excellence in comprehensive dental care while managing systemic medical conditions, oral health, and pathology in each patient. We strive to treat patients as a whole person rather than tooth by tooth. Our team provides/creates a comfortable, cordial and relaxed environment to reduce apprehension in every patient experience. Continuing education for the entire dental team maintains the most research proven techniques and materials in our practice to better improve the well-being of each individual.

Dr Bryan and PatientThe examination process is a key component of our practice. We feel every patient benefits from understanding their current level of oral health, how any problems occurred, and understand the treatment options available to optimize their care. Our exams include comprehensive examination of the teeth, gums, joints (TMJ), bite (occlusion), and soft tissues of the mouth (oral cancers).

Starting with the initial appointment, we thoroughly review each patients concerns and questions, point of view, history, and listen to the direction they wish to go. Together, we come up with a plan of action that satisfies the established goals.
We believe in preventive dentistry, because we feel that prevention is the best way to control both dental disease and the cost of dental care. We encourage our patients to come in regularly for their cleanings and checkups so that problems can be noted earlier and treated with less invasive techniques. We also take full advantage of the newest advances in technology within the field. We use digital X-rays, intra-oral cameras, and other technology to provide comfortable diagnosis and treatments.


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